You will get an update soon I promise! Just relaxing a bit before I go back to the States!

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Just My Luck

While abroad, I have noticed a trend. Whenever I go to a country or city, there just so happens to be a big festival or celebration going on. Here is a list of them so far with links! Paris, France: Bastille Day Also known as, French National Day. A day dedicated to the day the […]

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French Foolery

While in France, I had some mishaps that could only be defined as French Foolery. Some of these came about because of a language barrier, ignorance, and just mistakes. Below are a few instances of my French Foolery. Croque Monsieur… sans fromage??? Depicted below is a croque monsieur, a traditional quick French dish originating in […]

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British Chocolate Bars

So the Brits have chocolate bars that are unknown to the citizens of the United States. Below are the chocolate bars I have tried along with what I think about them. Crunchie One thing you will notice is that British chocolate bars are named after the properties of the chocolate. If you can infer the […]

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Midterm? London?? HOSTEL???

Classes The beginning of my second week here began the crunch time for the first midterm. Everyone was preparing in any way they could in order to get ready for this accelerated physics midterm. The midterm was to cover topics of kinematics, Newton’s laws, and other properties fundamental to physics before moving on to the […]

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Sussex Summer School Pt. 1

Upon entering the UK for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect. My journey started as soon as I went to a coffee shop in London Heathrow Airport and they asked if my drink was “for here or take away”. I had to assume that “take away” meant “take out” or “to-go” so […]

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Life as a Brit: Culture Shock

So there are a few things that our British counterparts do and have that would be weird to us and vice versa. For this post, I will post some instances where the British life shocked me. My RA: “Yeah I’m going to karaoke later tonight if you want to get a drink with me” If […]

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