First Day at UCLA

So today was my first day as a Bruin. There wasn’t much to do but I did make a lot of cool friends. Some I met through an app called “Quad” (which I suggest any incoming freshman download to get a feel for people you may spend the rest of your life with). We talked about things we talked about on Quad; we met each others’ roommates. Fun fact: my roommate didn’t even show up; so I was then known as “The One with No Roommate”. That goes STRICTLY against the program’s policy because they want everyone to have the roommate/college experience. By tomorrow I will have a roommate and we will begin our 6 weeks together. Tomorrow is also the beginning of the 3-day orientation which I am looking forward to, but know that it will be a long day (They literally say that orientation is from 8am to 1am… that was not a typo as many people thought it was). Either way I am excited and pumped to see what the next three days have in store for me. My floor is a very calm floor and everyone leaves to hang out on the upper floors. My peer counselor (PC) is pretty cool. I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to her one-on-one (which is a requirement by the program) but I will soon. But for now, I will sleep in my room that was freezing but has steadily been rising since I cranked it from ‘cool’ to ‘warm’. Goodnight.


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