True Bruin Tradition: #1 Freshman Summer Program

Throughout my years at UCLA I will be adding to my list of True Bruin Traditions. I have to do 75 True Bruin Traditions and FSP is one of them! This is one of the first traditions that I am now in the process of completing. So far, it’s been fun…

Proof that I attended FSP
Proof that I attended FSP

4 thoughts on “True Bruin Tradition: #1 Freshman Summer Program

  1. If you have an iPhone, check out an app called True Bruin Traditions Keeper and it has all the traditions that we can do. There are more than 75 so we pick which 75 to do. Most of them are things most people do anyway!

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  2. Yes its a brand new thing they are doing! IPhone gets it first but it helps us keep track of our progress although I need to devolve and use the paper and mark which ones I completed.

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