End of Orientation Session 104

Ollie and his New Student Advisor group
Ollie and his New Student Advisor group

Today was the end of my orientation session as I mentioned earlier in another post. Today also marks becoming an official Bruin; also like I said before. However, I feel different. When I got here, I thought that maybe UCLA was not the school for me. I thought that if I did not have the school spirit everyone else had, then I was not an official Bruin. However, after talking to my wonderful NSA, he noted that there are people just like me and that I am not alone. After being “Bruintized” and knowing the myths and lore of the campus, I began to feel the Blue and Gold. In the beginning I did not want to participate in the “8-Clap” (UCLA’s school chant). I also did not want to sing the school’s alma mater. I just was not feeling it. But today was different. I did two “8-Claps”, I yelled from atop the Janss steps “Go Bruins!” to hear our collective voices resonate throughout the campus. I know to many people that it is just a formality and the activities that the NSAs do to get us into the spirit of things, but for someone like me who isn’t into the whole “school spirit” thing, it mattered. I am now proud to call myself a Bruin. I hope that my high school continues to crank out graduates that come to UCLA because it is an experience unlike no other. GOOOO BRUINS!!!


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