Student Excursions: The Last Bookstore (Long Post. TL;DR version at the bottom)

So today we went to The Last Bookstore with my PC and another PC for the transfer students. I had a choice of going to the Getty Museum or Venice Beach, but I figured The Last Bookstore would be a better choice and I am glad that I went on the trip. First we started off with a huge group, but many of the group broke off. Then we were told that we were taking a Metro bus which was something that I am not used to. One of our female students did run into an issue with an old man shouting profane things at her and repeating it over and over again, but that is a story for another time. The bus ride was an hour long and I had to stand on the articulating part of the bus which posed some problems for me and my fellow FSP member when we had to make multiple turns to avoid an event that was happening on Wilshire. When we got off the bus, we walked a bit and there The Last Bookstore was. When I walked in, I did not want to touch anything. It looked like museum of books or a collection similar to the ending of the Book of Eli with Denzel Washington. As I continued through the bookstore, I naturally gravitated to my two favorite genres: Young Adult Fiction and Philosophy/Mythology. I saw an older copy of “Bulfinch’s Mythology” that my English Lit teacher assigned us to read a few selections from. Then I found the Young Adult Fiction section (a.k.a YAF). For those who do not know, YAF includes authors such as Stephanie Meyers, John Green, and Suzanne Collins and books such as Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games trilogy, and the Harry Potter Saga. I saw some books that I wanted to read, but I wanted to save my money. However, I did end up buying a book everyone told me was great called “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”. I spent $11 on it, but as far as I know, it was worth it. Before I brought the book, I went upstairs to the Labyrinth Above The Last Bookstore and it was filled with art and other installations. At both ends were rooms filled with older books that I did not pay much attention to. In the end, I had a great time.

The reason why I say that I am glad that I chose this trip rather than the other two is because I was fortunate enough to meet some of the most amazing people. I met two exchange students from the Netherlands and I sat with one of them for the hour bus ride and compared life stories and experiences in school. When we arrived back to the campus, we were very hungry and decided to go to the dining hall together. At the dining hall, she invited the other exchange student over and we had a conversation. It was very interesting hearing about their life stories and they seemed to enjoy hearing how I performed so well in school but how I tend to deny my talents. They looked at me as an equal although they are 21+ and I’m 18; it was nice to connect with people who had the same thoughts with me and made the world smaller because although we are from the other side of the Earth, we had similar issues, doubts, and experiences. I met another person who enjoyed reading and was looking for the horror section which I know I would be scared of, but she was a great person as well and we connected on discussions about other books.

I guess I am better at the socializing part than I thought.

TL;DR: I had fun at The Last Bookstore and would recommend that anyone give it a shot to check out books and art. I met some amazing students today including two from the Netherlands.


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