First Day of Class

Today was the very first day of classes. It is really different and not-so-different than high school. Here is a small list:

  1. No, you do not have to ask to use the bathroom.
  2. I am serious… you DO NOT HAVE TO ASK.
  3. Some professors prefer different titles (some preferred Professor, Doctor, Mr/Mrs/Ms, or their first name).
  4. The Teacher Assistants (TAs) and Peer Learning Facilitators (PLFs)are there to help break down what the professor taught. They are a valuable resource; so exploit them.
  5. In a lecture hall, there will be a lot of people trying to answer questions… like let’s say around 200?
  6. You may think that ten minutes is a decent amount of time to get to your next class until you realize you have a minute to get to class and the building being nowhere in sight.
  7. Textbooks are not free.
  8. Office hours = After school tutoring + socializing with teacher time!
  9. Tutoring is useful for everyone regardless of whether or not that person is strong in the subject.
  10. Just get up and go to the bathroom. Do not hold it. And try to find the bathrooms BEFORE you go to the class so you don’t spend time trying to look for it like I did.
  11. Do everything ahead of time. The syllabus has everything you need. No excuse to miss homework, paper, or an assignment.
  12. Some classes only meet once a week. Make sure you do that assignment for the class. You will probably hold it off, but try to knock it out.

I could go on I think, but this seems to cover most of what I know so far. I will most likely have a complete list by the end of my Fall Quarter on College Freshman Tips for those who have not started college yet. This is a great experience that I am glad that I did not pass up.


2 thoughts on “First Day of Class

  1. You got accepted at UCLA? Congrats! Yes, college is so much different than high school. You’re literally free to do whatever you want. Don’t go crazy though 😛


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