QotD Aug. 5th: Top 3 colleges? Why UCLA?

Danielle (PC): “As a first generation student, I did not know what “should” be my top choice schools. As a result, I did not have a top 3, or a top 1 for that matter. Suddenly, I was accepted to all schools I applied to, including UCLA & Berkeley. Why UCLA? My brother (6 years younger) was placed into the foster care system and moving 6-7 hours form him easily ruled out Berkeley. UCLA allowed me to stay close to those who needed me while fostering my independence/growth. Go Bruins!”

Capuchino: “1. SDSU 2. CSU Pomona 3. University of Maryland, College Park. UCLA cause it’s better than SDSU lol”

Anon: “1,2,3: UCLA! Honestly, if I didn’t get accepted, I don’t know where I’d be. Fell in ❤ [love] w/ UCLA when i was told it had the best med prog[ram]. Go Bruins! Fight Fight Fight!”

Me: “Top 3 were Stanford, Berkeley, and UCLA. I didn’t get into Stanford or Berkeley so the next choice was UCLA. If I was accepted to all three, I would not be sure which one I would have picked.”


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