There is so much to update about that I am going to put it in bullet points. I apologize for the lack of posting. Hard to balance personal, social, and academic time.

  • Got back my precalc midterm and got another A (94%).
  • Turned in a final paper for my Representing Medicine class. I hope all went well because I put my best into that paper. When the prof said not to use passive voice, the whole class panicked.
  • I visited the psychology department and learned more info on psychobiology. I might switch from neuroscience to that, but only time will tell. For now, I am still undeclared.
  • The neuroscience building and research center are both aesthetically pleasing.
  • I got my roommate assignments this past week. All I have are names, emails, and numbers. This is going to be a big jump for me. I will make a post about roommates and how I feel about them in another post.
  • I have finals and papers due this week and this week will be the last week of the Freshman Summer Program (another post).
  • I have planned to look into some groups in the Student Activities Center (SAC). One is the Health Caucus and the other is MESH. They are both health-related programs and would help me get into some experiences in a clinical setting.
  • There are so many classes I have to take that the number one suggestion is going abroad to take a year’s worth of physics in 8 weeks. The options are Sussex and Northern Ireland. I am considering this so that I can stay on track.
  • My peer counselor (PC) is the co-director of Active Minds, a non-profit organization that educates on mental illness and self-care. Look them up on social media (Facebook and Instagram) to find out more about them! I plan on attending some of the events and recording my experiences in the future!
  • I found out that I have the perfect professors for the year. I’ve heard nothing but good things about these professors from their former students.
  • I am coming up with my own True Bruin Tradition! Since Rocket Fizz is in Westwood Village, I decided to make my own True Bruin Tradition to get 19 bottles of soda from Rocket Fizz. Sure that seems like a lot, but 19 bottles of soda over the course of 4-5 years is nothing. I highly recommend going to Rocket Fizz. I might just work there if I find the time.
  • Speaking of working, I plan on becoming affiliated with the Academic Advancement Program (AAP) later on in my time here. I plan on becoming a PC so that I can do what my PC does this year and be a mentor to the incoming freshman. I know that she has been such a wonderful help to many students including myself and we plan on keeping in contact in the future.
  • I have discontinued Question of the Day.

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