Farewell to FSP!

From the beginning to the end, I fell in love with FSP. I feel in love with the other students, the PCs, and the teachers/TA’s. I wish that FSP did not have to end and that I that I could see the same people every day for the rest of my time there. I made great friends that I expect to stay in contact with during the academic year. I would encourage anyone that is an incoming freshman (and transfer because they have the Transfer Summer Program during the Freshman Summer Program) to do FSP.

I am going to miss everyone from FSP. I know that we will all be in contact throughout the school year, but living away from them is the hard part. I will be looking forward to meeting new people, but I made some friends that I know I will never forget. Everyone who has done FSP so far has told me that their cohorts during the program have been like a family to them. That is something that I cherish; especially coming from a small school that rivals with the amount of students in FSP.

I wish it never ended, but I got a lot out of it.

Again, I highly encourage anyone to do a summer program at their school. You never know what you can get out of it.


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