First Official Day

So today I would mark as my first official day of classes. Classes started last Thursday, but I did not have classes that day. Friday came along, but I only had two lectures and 90% of the class was syllabus talk.

I would not be able to say that today was my first official day because this week will be filled with a lot of “firsts”. I have discussions tomorrow and Wednesday, and there are new professors and TA’s that I have not met yet. I guess that’s why this better termed ‘Week 1’ rather than ‘First Day’.

Besides that, today was the first day that I had my mythology class. The professors started the class off with introductions, of course, but we immediately got into the juicy details of history, historians, and storytellers. A few clips of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and a Cleopatra movie were the highlights of the class.

Other than that, today has been a busy day. But I know my busiest day is going to be Wednesday.


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