The Big Question

Today I asked both my parents a big question.
“How have you adjusted to my life as a college student? Note any changes you’ve made whether it be actions, emotions, decisions, financial… anything”

My mom responded:

Been hard without you being [here]. You are the young man of the house. I worry about Nia (my sister) more because you guys are so close and she doesn’t have you around to talk to. I spend a lot of time worrying if you are eating and taking care of yourself. I cook at home more to save money and I think more of ways to prepare Nia starting college because unfortunately I didn’t have a college fund in place for you. I’m so very PROUD of you and wish you the best in whatever you choose in life.. Love Mom

My dad had a quick response, but he said there was more.

I will answer that in detail later. But I still have moments when I almost call your name as if you were in the other room

He goes on a bit more to say:

At the top. Proud of all you have accomplished and cant wait to see what else you decide to do. No matter whatever it is, I will support you and believe in you.

Just to note regarding my mom’s comment about not having a college fund in place for me: Because of my financial need and a very generous scholarship, I am being paid to go to UCLA.

Regarding my dad’s answer: There were times where I switched from cooking, to biochemistry, to physics, to english/creative writing, to chemical engineering, to chemistry, and now I settled on neuroscience/psychobiology (for now).

I love them both and loved their responses. I am glad that I can share them both with you all.


One thought on “The Big Question

  1. Aw, this is cute. Your parents seem very supportive, and congrats to you on getting paid to go to a fantastic school like UCLA! Check my blog out if you get the chance, I think you might find some of the posts interesting, and I’d love the feedback: 🙂


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