The Big Question

Today I asked both my parents a big question.
“How have you adjusted to my life as a college student? Note any changes you’ve made whether it be actions, emotions, decisions, financial… anything”

My mom responded:

Been hard without you being [here]. You are the young man of the house. I worry about Nia (my sister) more because you guys are so close and she doesn’t have you around to talk to. I spend a lot of time worrying if you are eating and taking care of yourself. I cook at home more to save money and I think more of ways to prepare Nia starting college because unfortunately I didn’t have a college fund in place for you. I’m so very PROUD of you and wish you the best in whatever you choose in life.. Love Mom

My dad had a quick response, but he said there was more.

I will answer that in detail later. But I still have moments when I almost call your name as if you were in the other room

He goes on a bit more to say:

At the top. Proud of all you have accomplished and cant wait to see what else you decide to do. No matter whatever it is, I will support you and believe in you.

Just to note regarding my mom’s comment about not having a college fund in place for me: Because of my financial need and a very generous scholarship, I am being paid to go to UCLA.

Regarding my dad’s answer: There were times where I switched from cooking, to biochemistry, to physics, to english/creative writing, to chemical engineering, to chemistry, and now I settled on neuroscience/psychobiology (for now).

I love them both and loved their responses. I am glad that I can share them both with you all.


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