True Bruin Tradition #9: Swipe a Friend in For a Meal Together

Not many know of Danielle, but to those who do, she is an awesome person. She was my Peer Counselor during the Freshman Summer Program and that is where we became great friends. Right now she is a 4th year Psych student with a minor in Applied Developmental Psychology looking to go to graduate school after she graduates to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is the Co-Coordinator for ActiveMinds, a mental health organization fighting the stigma surrounding mental health and preaching self-care. I see her every now and then when I go to my PLF sessions in Campbell Hall and sometimes schedule appointments with her so she can have someone to talk to haha. This day she asked if she could join us to eat and we gladly accepted. It ended up being just us two, but we still had a great time catching up in a more casual setting. Plus, swiping her in fulfilled a True Bruin Tradition! However, I see dinner with Danielle as an honor!

Swiped Danielle in for a meal at B-Plate!
Swiped Danielle in for a meal at B-Plate!

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