Friday the 13th

No I have not had any bad luck today! (Well I tripped down the stairs three times today, but that was all.)

Time to list all instances of bad luck I have seen on campus:

  • Bad midterm grades
  • The worker at a dining hall dropping a lot of plates
  • The dude who’s skateboard went flying down Bruin Walk (anyone that knows what this is knows that the hill on Bruin Walk is brutal and that skateboard was gone.)

    I think that’s it really… however the funniest thing today was seeing how the dining halls switched to paper plates and cups instead of ceramic because of this day. There may have been another underlying reason, but I believe that Friday the 13th is a good day to switch to non-breakable dishes.

Well I had good luck today! I got an awesome score on my chemistry midterm that I was not expecting the least bit. After I found out my grade, I forgot it was the day or bad luck.


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