Successful Quarter

(Sounds a bit like a Thanksgiving Post)

I believe I have given this quarter my all and in return I feel confident that I am going to pass all my classes. I doubted I would fail, but I doubted myself in how well I would perform. After taking all the necessary actions to get through this quarter, I feel that I know what I need to do for the rest of my time here. I am thankful for AAP (Academic Advancement Program) and the PLF (Peer Learning Facilitation) Sessions they offer. Without PLF sessions, I would be struggling in Chemistry and have no time to focus on my math and myth courses. In math, I am thankful that I usually understand math at the jump and had help over summer. In myth, I am thankful for having a tough TA that took the time to allow us to show off our analysis and writing skills that cultivated into something more.

I hope every quarter can go as well as this one did.


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