End of the Quarter (Fall 2015)

(sorry it has been a while since I did an update this big)

The end of the quarter ends Friday, Dec 11th. For me, it ended on Sunday when I had my last final. First I will go into how finals went and then talk about how I felt about this quarter and the one coming.

Finals went okay. I only had finals for Chemistry and Calculus (two out of three of my total classes). I know that I got at least a B on both of the finals, but even then that is pushing it a bit. Technically I had a final for my Myth class, but it was just a revision for a paper I had already written; so I did not think much of it. Our Chemistry professor threw 110% of his students, past students, and TAs for a loop when the final was NOTHING like the past finals he had for the last decade. It was literally one of those tests where he said, “You do not need to know this” but then puts it on the test anyway. I still feel comfortable with my possible score. The Calculus test was straightforward and I had no problem answering the questions. With both finals, I finished within 2 hours out of the allotted 3.

Fall Quarter 2015
This quarter was great. I made a lot of new friends on top of the ones I already made during FSP. I figured out my routine and realized what changes I need to make next quarter. I felt confident in these classes because not only do I perform well in math and science, but also I enjoyed all of my classes. I have determined that I am going into Psychobiology or Biological Psychology as my major (as of now; who knows what the future has in store for me). If I could say anything about this quarter is that I could have tried harder, no doubt, but I was able to balance school and social life to make this quarter easier to swallow and not worry about last minute cramming.

Winter Quarter 2016
Next quarter is a repeat of my Fall Quarter but with some differences. I am taking all the same professors, but I am advancing in their classes. Instead of 3A, 14A, and 30A; I will be in 3B, 14B, and 30B. My schedule is virtually the same, except I have 10am classes instead of 9am classes like this Fall Quarter. Next quarter I will begin to look into student orgs that have to do with the medical/health field and begin to develop a resume for the future. I already have one in mind that I plan on joining with some friends. I am looking forward to next quarter and ready to take on the harder classes.

Overall, I enjoy it here at UCLA. The people are nice, the food is good, and I have so much support from my family, friends, and community. I do wish that these 4 years go by a little faster, but I know I will be in school for a while; so I might as well enjoy it while it lasts. I will be leaving to go on Winter Break tomorrow and will not be back until Jan 3rd.

Thank you for all your support! Until next time!


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