General Update

I got my chem midterm score back last week and I got what I expected. I came out of the midterm and calculated that I would get a 90. I got a 91. Out of 110. That means for both this quarter and the last, I average a B on chem midterms…

Anyway… Things have slowed down a bit for me. After just taking a chem midterm, chem quiz, a myth quiz and turning in a 4 page paper, there is nothing left for the professors to do to us besides instruct. This week will be really slow.


At the beginning of March, I will have a chem quiz due and then the day after, take a math midterm because I am going to New York that Wednesday night. Yes. I will be leaving to New York for 6 days/5 nights. During that time I will be doing a lot of stuff that I will fill you in on while I’m there. (I hope that I will be able to post pictures of the conference on here to spice things up.) It will be between two weeks of school so I will miss some classes, but, luckily, one of my classes is podcast-ed.

So there is a general update of how things are going. I do not have much to write about. So far I know this week will not be that difficult in terms of school work and whatnot.


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