4 Classes… YIKES!

So next quarter, I plan on taking 4 classes… WHOA!

So this may not seem like a big deal for students in a semester system, but may I remind you that I am on a quarter system. To most incoming freshman, advisors advise not to take more than 3 classes in their first quarter (unless its a fiat lux: 1 unit, pass/no pass seminar meeting every other week).

4 classes is not unusual or taboo, it is simply not recommended for certain students. Only one person knows what you are capable of and that is yourself. If the amount of people shocked about you taking 4 classes is scaring you more than taking 4 classes, then you are fine.

The part many people are worried (for me) about is taking two science classes at once. I enrolled in a chemistry lab and a life science (biology) class. The Life Science class was tacked on after the fact, because I had so much extra time. I was averaging less than 1.5 classes a day. That sounds amazing, but I don’t have time to take things easy. Besides… I like staying busy sometimes…

Besides the chem and life science class, I am taking math and a myth seminar about Arthurian narratives.

In total, I have 14 hours of class throughout the week. I would say I average 3hrs of class a day, but that is not an accurate number at all. Instead, I will break it down by days using MTWRF format (R being Thursday).

M: 1 hr/1 class
T: 2 hrs/2 classes
W: 5 hrs/ 3 classes
R: 2 hrs/ 2 classes
F: 4 hrs/2 classes

OH! Monday-Wednesday + Friday are 8am classes!

Not SO bad, right?




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