This program is such a gift and I am so grateful.

Today was packed with workshops aid us first-years.

First, we did a workshop to determine our True Colors. Each color represented what values we held. I chose Gold which dealt with following rules and respecting authority and planning. However, I was also leaning towards Green which valued knowledge. Both had their ups and down similar to what I felt so I was neither truly Gold or Green but a combo of them both.

Second, we did a networking workshop which I took a lot from. Before I network, though, I have to get past other barriers…

Third, we attended a workshop on dining etiquette. I LEARNED SO MUCH FROM THIS. Also, American style of fine dining is not my preferred dining choice… I know which one the salad fork is.

Lastly we had a Freshmen Dialogue workshop that allowed us to talk with other Freshmen about Glows and Groans; our successes and struggles, respectively. I was more engaged in this than any other workshop. I noticed that I do better in smaller groups of people; which is something I prefer anyway.

To top off the workshops, we have a Spring Training event that goes over mental and physical health as well as convention-style going table-to-table to pick up flyers and learn about opportunities we are interested in. I found out about Study Abroad opportunities and scholarships that I hope to pursue next year.

Besides the workshops, we got our schedules outlining what panels we will be attending. I also got a schedule of when my sponsor luncheon is.

Through the Foundation, I will be eating with Regina Watts, the Vice-President of Bank of New York Mellon…

This program is truly one of the best things that I have the privilege of being in. I am so thankful.


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