JRF MLC Day 4 (pt. 1)

This day has honestly forever changed me.
I will not go into how and what changed but all you need to know is that my whole outlook on, not only my future, but also our futures as JRF Scholars.

So many wonderful things happened today.
I am really tired so I may break this post up into two parts… Just watch for that.

So first we go to a panel discussing Financial Management. Our presenter was amazing and she helped many people budget for their futures, especially those with loans.

Next, this panel discussed Stress and Substance Abuse. Because we are young, POC students, we have a significantly higher chance of falling into substance abuse as a maladaptive way to cope with stress. This was thw perfect panel for me NOT because of the topic but because the three men were trained psychologists with or pursuing doctorates. (I even got a card woo!)
So! After that we went to a brunch that celebrated the winners of extra funding the foundation provides to deserving students. I’m not sure how much I took out of it, but the song the choir sing made me hold back tears…
After that we had to change into the t-shirts the foundation provided us with along the theme #IAmTheChange.

What we did after that will be in Part II of this post.


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