JRF MLC Day 4 (pt. 2)

So the theme for this MLC was #IAmTheChange. This was to educate all scholars to find out what battles POC/Minorities are facing. To continue my previous post, I will talk about what we did when we changed into our shirts.

The JRF has a mandatory community service requirement for all scholars, and with that requirement, we help over 30,000 people annually. Our mandatory community service project this year was targeted to two groups of people: the homeless and students that are currently in high school on their way to graduate. Prior to our event that was held at the hotel, we had a little party to celebrate getting together as all JRF scholars and to relax after wearing business attire the entire day. We heard two moving speeches from the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem representative and a rep from a local homeless shelter. When the speeches were done, we got to work. Each class was designated a specific group. 2 classes were assigned to make bags for the homeless and the rest were assigned to make college readiness bags for the high school students. In the bags for the homeless were necessities such as blankets, socks, ointment, toiletries and such. For the college readiness bags, we put pens, pins, notecards, highlighters, calculators and information about the JRF scholarship (to encourage more people to apply and get more scholars!) And in each bag we put letters of encouragement to our respective groups. This was such a great day and such a great chance to give back to the community while also enjoying ourselves and company. We then proceeded from the charity event to the talent show!

I must apologize for this mistake. Before we went to the charity event, we watched a scholar-only debate! The topic for this debate was whether or not the government should or should not give out reparations to Black people for past enslavement. I thought that the side supporting reparations would be the clear winner, but the opposing side won and in the end I actually agreed with them as well. It was such an engaging event. We pulled so jokes here and there, but honestly it was a great experience.

So back to the talent show…
We had 9 acts; two of them being from UCLA (yay go Bruins!) To summarize the acts we had:
A scholar play a combination of 3 fiddle pieces, two (very moving, tear-jerking) monologues, a pianist playing Chopin and Bill Withers (one of our Junior Bruins!), and the rest were singers I believe (one of them our Sophomore Bruins!) They all did so well and the top acts were well deserving of first, second, and third place.

After the talent show, we were free. This was probably the most free time we had in a while. I went upstairs to nap for a bit then changed clothes to go back downstairs to chill in the scholar lounge. I played two games of pool (we tied) and talked to some of my fellow scholars about issues that concerned us.

This about wraps up day 4 and was the beginning of the end of the JRF MLC.


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