Mistakes Made in New York

I guess I could quickly update you all on what happened in New York. These are some odd things that happened in New York and some mistakes I made.

  • I thought I packed too lightly for New York because the others packed way more than I did. Turns out that, even though I left with more stuff than I came with, I still overpacked.
  • On the first day of panels I thought that I would wake up at 7:30am like I did not just come from another time zone 12hrs prior.
  • I chose the wrong color… I am green not gold. (Long story haha)
  • I thought I could wear the beanie during the casual days but I was instructed to not wear the beanie at all unless I was going outside. That was a bummer.
  • On the day they told us to go get food ourselves, I went downstairs and spent $4 on a loaf cake from Starbucks… that I later threw up.
  • I stayed for the entire Madama Butterfly opera. (Both worth it for the experience, but not worth it for waking up 6 hours later after getting back to the hotel)
  • Going to Junior’s across the street and did not buy anthing. (Their prices were absurd. I hope its worth it for the regulars)
  • I complained non-stop for 3 hours straight and a third-year called me out on it.
  • I thought everyone hated me for a good day or two.
  • I overslept when the shuttle got to the hotel and they had to run up to get me.
  • I thought I left $200 in the hotel and called them but they did not find anything so I had to stress for 6 hours during my flight on where I put my money.

That about sums it up!


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