Last Quarter

After receiving my first grade from Winter Quarter, I am pretty confident that my grades will mirror last years grades. It may be a good or bad thing, but now I know for sure that I need to work on studying more. The biggest difference is that next quarter I will no longer have the same professors I had for the past two quarters. I have to get used to an all new set of people (except for one class where I chose to take the same professor again.)

I honestly cannot believe that it has already been a year. My last post was about welcoming all the new Bruins to our school. I am almost a sophomore!

Just last year I did not know:

  • I would have this blog
  • I would receive the Jackie Robinson Scholarship
  • the hundreds of people I know now
  • how anything college worked
  • anything about chemistry, math, and mythology!

This year has been a great year. I made a bunch of new friends. I plan on doing so much more during my time at UCLA. I just cannot wait!


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