Clicker Questions

Life Science 2 is the first class that I have had that uses clickers to answer questions. Clickers are little remotes that have buttons labeled A-E on them. Those buttons correspond to questions the professor puts up on the board at the beginning of class, during class, or end of class to answer. After the professor ends the polling session, the percentage of students that answered out of the available answer choices is put up on the screen. If you have my professor, clicker questions are like pop-quizzes on material she just went over and could be pretty difficult if you are not paying attention to literally anything.

Clicker questions are not a pain to deal with. They are merely a quick way to take attendance and get points. The problem with clicker questions is that they will show up out of nowhere. You could be chilling in class just looking at lecture slides and taking notes, then you hear: “You have 10 secs.”

Like whoa. Where did the question come from…

By no means am I saying that they are bad or avoid classes with clicker questions because they could only benefit you IF you show up to class. Its a way to get you to show up for class because its just a few points here and there, but what I have learned is that a few points could make the world of a difference.

Today we had 100% of the class choose the right answer and she was pretty excited!


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