First Big Read of The Quarter (and Some Insight)

Week 2 and I just purchased my first big read of the quarter. “The Once and Future King” by T. H. White will be the first novel that I have to read in its entirety AND give a presentation on (that was by choice).

I never thought that I would take a class on Arthurian Narratives. It’s just funny to me that people come here with such a narrow scope about what they want to do and what classes they want to take. There are times where people tell me, “Hey I’m taking this class about Native American pottery that foreshadows the end of the world because I think its cool!” or “I am enrolled in a class that has to do with lunacy and the effects of the Moon on human beings. I thought it was interesting.”

Usually my questions to them are: “What? Why? How?”

These questions have something to do with my own major. I know I have a lot of prerequisites and that’s all I focus on NOW so I can get to the fun classes later. When I hear people who are taking classes that interest them, it drives me crazy because I wonder how could they find the time? It’s not like I don’t enjoy not understanding what’s going on in my math and science classes, but how do people have the time to find out what they are passionate about and find classes that help them pursue that passion or get more insight on it.

I am not sure if what I am saying makes sense to you, but I guess what I am trying to say is: “I am envious”.

There is a class that I want(ed) to take that talks about the history of medicine. I thought, “whoa that’s cool I am interested sign me up now please.”

I did not sign up for the class because  the classes I have to take for my major are a bit too demanding and it would have been my 4th class which would have been a lot for me. (Trust me I am not whining. I am only taking three classes and I am already behind and this is only the second week.)

Props to those who found the time and initiative to take classes that not only just cover your general education requirements, but also make you happy and excited to wake up for!


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