Medical Career Day! (Also Freshman Tip)

So I would say that the medical career event went very well. When my friend and I talked to some of the presenters, they were shocked that we were even attending the event. The point was to look at grad schools and see if they could sell us on medical school or pharmacy school. Most of them were like: “**** YEAH! GET THAT GPA! MAKE BANK! IM SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE OMG!!!”

The one guy from UCSF said: “you’ll get a job.”
(He was my favorite.)

Anyway, I would say that it was a success. I am not entirely sold on pharmacy but I am doing research every day. I want to make sure that is right for me.

Coincidentally, the presenters that mostly sold us were the ones from USC…

Tips for any freshman: Go to these events. They don’t hurt. If there are no requirements to go to an event, then check them out. You might get connections early on. I wish that I had done some more research about all this earlier, but then again YOU HAVE TIME.


For me, I want to at least have a general idea what I want to do. I know that I am going into life sciences no matter what. Great. Now I am narrowing it down. I have time. You have time.


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