TBT #10: Volunteer for Bruin Day (also Bruin Day Update)

Starting now, “True Bruin Traditions” will be titled “TBT” not to be confused with “Throwback Thursday”.

Volunteering for Bruin Day was not what I thought it would have been.

I wanted to see my friend from high school that goes here, but he and I flipped around and it made it harder when my shift started when he had to leave. Well, he will be going here, so I will see him soon either back home or move-in day!

When I started my shift I was just told to direct people to the housing tours. I am usually not outgoing, so forcing a smile and being open to people was exhausting. However, I felt like I made a difference in some people’s perspectives.

Here are some photos that I took while I was off- and on-duty.

Bruin Day Tents in Wilson Plaza
Grupo Folklorico de UCLA Performance
Grupo Folklorico
Wilson Plaza and Janss Steps
De Neve Plaza

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