So while you are college and you have the insurance that the school provides, USE IT!

Recently I have been getting check ups for overall health: vision, dental, and nutrition.

Here at UCLA, if you have UCSHIP (the insurance they provide you with if you so choose) then you have access to vision, dental, psychological services, and much more for little to nothing as a co-pay!

I went the even cheaper option and went to UCLA’s School of Dentistry to get checked up. Today I went to You See LA, the optometrist on campus, and found out that I have astigmatism and need glasses (well I knew I needed glasses, but now I have a new prescription.)

There is so much offered to you here, it would be a shame if you did not utilize it.

Also there are some people here that waive the insurance so they can get more money back, but be careful because your insurance may not cover everything or as much as you’d like!


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