Calc Midterm and Other Updates

I got my score back today and I got a 90% which (I believe?) is my first A on a calculus midterm.

Right now I am studying for a Life Science midterm that is on Wednesday. Today, I went to a 7am review session for that midterm which I regret going to now, because I get up at 7am to go to class. Just imagine waking up an hour earlier for work or something along those lines.

I am preparing for the midterm as best as I can, but I hope that I do well on them.

Other Updates!

  • I am not a big fan of working out, but I have decided to start going to the gym and I have to admit that it is enjoyable. I mean… I paid for the gym membership so why not utilize it?
  • I am getting glasses! I knew I needed glasses a while ago, but I never got them. Now I am getting them.

Actually that is about it.

And thank you to all those that are checking my blog! I really appreciate it when people tell me they check it out. I know that I hold off on posting some times, but as you could imagine, I am busy… or not doing anything that is worth blogging about. So, again, thank you and I hope that you will continue to view in the future!


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