Midterms, Downtime, and a New Me


I got a B on my LS 2 midterm so I really did stress for nothing!

If you’re still going through AP testing then keep it up!
If you’re done then congrats on finishing and I hope that you do well in the end!


Downtime is important when you are in college. If you ever have some, you may have mixed emotions about whether or not it really is downtime. There are some days where I think too hard about what I have to do that I don’t realize that I do have some time to myself. When you do, take that time. Play some video games, read that book, get some snacks and watch a movie. Take the time and use it for yourself.

Recently I have been going to the gym on my down time. I thought I would hate it, but with the right friends and some motivation, I have grown to like it.

Just budget your free time as best as you can. Me personally I like to use the weekends to divide homework up so I can have a ‘weekend’. Sometimes, when I want a full day to myself with no worries, I do my work Friday and Saturday and use Sunday to relax. Try things out. Budgeting your time wisely is the key to being successful socially, mentally, and physically!

New Me

I say that I am new me only because I have been going to the gym and started wearing glasses. I know this is a bit late for me to utilize the gym because summer is already here, but I will make sure that during summer I keep a healthy eating and work out routine so that I don’t lose the progress I made.


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