What is “College”?

Before I became a college student, I would see posts about college and wonder, “what do college students do?” What I mean is: “why did these college students host a funeral for a roach?”

Now that I am a college student I understand.

Here is a list of what college is actually like:

  • Playing a game of cards then throwing the cards around the room
  • Turning the common lounge into the gaming lounge by projecting sports or video games along the wall
  • Latching your door open for the first few weeks to see who is willing to walk in and start a conversation
  • Doing psych studies for the free milkshakes and $50
  • Melting crayons for stress relief
  • Listing off every homework assignment you have so people think you are busy
  • Getting food at 2am
  • Trying
  • Not trying
  • Looking at something that costs $5 and hesitating whether or not you really need it
  • If you’re lucky, meeting celebrities
  • If you’re lucky, going to movies every weekend and sometimes twice in a single weekend
  • Exaggerating how broke you are
  • Realizing how broke you are and that you weren’t exaggerating
  • You make Facebook a thing again
  • Playing Fetty Wap at 3am
  • Going to class in pajamas
  • Eating in pajamas
  • Doing everything in pajamas
  • Skipping class because you can but you know you shouldn’t but you do anyway because you can
  • Always saying: “I’m running late” to people handing out flyers
  • Always running late
  • Wanting to go to events but never actually going
  • Staying up past your bedtime to blog

This has been a post about things college students actually do and what college is actually like. This list is nowhere near finished and does not capture everything I have done. This is only a snapshot of what I have seen around campus, heard from others, or done myself.


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