The Quarter System and C/O 2016

The Quarter System

The quarter system is tricky. You feel like time is going by quickly since you only at least 3 classes for 10 weeks. Some feel like they can’t learn all this material and be expected to carry it down. Some feel like it goes too fast. In a single year, I have started 4 series of classes: Chemistry 14 series, Math 3 series, the GE30 Series, and Life Science series. Series are the lifeblood of my curriculum. Until I get to upper divs, I will be taking a series. Back to the quarter system. It is a blessing and curse as some of my peers say. Your friends in other schools will be out before you, but they go back before you as well. I actually don’t mind this system at all and it would be weird to me to have it any other way now that I am so accustomed to it.

C/O 2016

I mean this in two ways: the graduating high school classes and the the graduating college classes. I know a few college seniors that I have met in FSP and through Jackie Robinson and I can tell you that they did not waste their college time. Hearing about and seeing what these seniors are capable of makes me want to push myself a little harder in supporting the causes I stand for and getting out there to help my community a bit more. And for those graduating from high school: find something you enjoy and are passionate about. Once you stand for something for the good of yourself and the people, then nothing can knock you down.


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