Busy Day

I have a bad habit of telling everyone that I am free Wednesday.

It is true that I am free Wednesday, but all I know is that, until now, I have not been in my room since 3pm.

To start the first half of my day, I had an 8am Calculus midterm that I am 95% sure that I got a 100% on! I am hoping that my midterm scores are good enough to get my first A in this series. I want to become a Peer Learning Facilitator (PLF) for the Academic Advancement Program (AAP). I feel that this subject has been my easiest so far and one of the requirements is that you have to get an A in the course. I will still try to apply to be a PLF regardless if I get an A or not, because I just want to give back to the students. I know that math is not everyone’s favorite subject and can be difficult at times especially when it’s called “Ordinary Differential Calculus and Linear Algebra for Life Sciences”. Just saying the name of the class can scare anyone!
(Hint: It’s really just probability, stats, vectors and matrices. Pretty simple stuff in my opinion; especially if it taught right.)

To start off the later half of my day:

First my mom and sister came to visit, which is always nice. I enjoy their company and updates on how everything is going on back at home. I am proud to say that my sister is doing well in her pursuits with cheer-leading as she was promoted to varsity cheer. And she has a wonderful portfolio of art from her art class that I am envious of.

Second, I went to watch an anime film called Paprika. I would recommend this film for anyone that likes psychedelic, mind-boggling action. This story pursues something that greatly interests me: dreams. I look into dreams a lot. I am waiting on the day that they say that they can replay someone’s dreams… or when I am playing a part in that effort. I know I am biological psychology and don’t technically get into the hard sciences of neuroscience and cognitive science, I still have a biological approach to the brain that offers me to take classes pertaining to dreams and the such. I am a big fan of dream interpretations and dream stories. I love to hear people’s dreams even if I don’t look into an interpretation. Enough about me… Just I would suggest this movie to anyone looking for a mind twisting adventure!

Next, I went to the Planetarium with some friends and it went well. I will definitely bring someone up there next time just so they can see it. (All the specifics about this are in the previous post.)

After that I did not stop for more than a second in my room. I visited my hall for the going away party and then ran to my room to get my laptop to go to the dorm across from mine to play video games and meet someone for dinner. As I write this I am nodding off so I believe it is time that I go to sleep. Luckily I do not have class early tomorrow!


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