Entertainment in College

When you have down time, which you will have, you will want to do something with that time. There are numerous ways you can entertain yourself but make sure that you are satisfied and have more than one source of entertainment.

On my down time, I have plenty of things to do. I have my PS4 with a few games that I enjoy every now and then. I have games on my laptop like League of Legends and use Steam and Battle.net for all the other PC games like Team Fortress 2 and Hearthstone. When I don’t feel like doing any of those, I have websites where I watch cartoons, movies, and anime. UCLA (and many other colleges!) provides residents with free HBO Go and Max Go accounts to watch movies on demand all through their login system. When all of those fail, I sleep read books for my leisure.

So find out what you want to do in your free time! I suggest, if you are a movie or TV-goer, to get Hulu (spring for Hulu Plus), Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix for the nights where only you are chilling.


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