First Time for Everything

Folklorico and Royce Hall
So yesterday was a pretty busy day. I got a chance to go to Royce Hall for the first time to watch my friend Teresa perform with Grupo Folklorico de UCLA for their 50th anniversary. It is safe to say that she did wonderful and I loved the dances that I watched. I learned a lot more about the regions of Mexico than ever before! (Sadly I did not save the video that I got of her dancing, but here is a picture of the Sinaloa Region dancers and a couple pictures of Royce Hall)

The roof of Royce Hall. The words say: “Education is learning to use tools which the race has found indispensable.”
Dancers dancing to the style of the Sinaloa region of Mexico

The Veggie Grill
So last my friends and I went into Westwood to eat after watching the performances. I was really excited about trying out The House of Meatballs, but they were closed. I turned to my friends to see where else they would like to eat and someone mentioned The Veggie Grill. It was a walk, but we got there in no time. My friend told us that everything on the menu was vegetarian (as the name implies). I got a chicken sandwich there and I could honestly not distinguish it from any other chicken sandwich I have had. They did not have the normal soft drinks, but containers of tea and juice that were good. I tried all the drinks: strawberry lemonade, lemonade, hibiscus, and pomegranate green tea and they were all equally good. I would eat there in the future and its on my list of places to take people to eat; especially if they are vegetarian!

The chicken sandwich from The Veggie Grill



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