Psych Stuff: The Cube Test

I just realized that as a psychobio major, I have not posted anything psychology related. I was so focused on my first year, that my studies have escaped me. Now that I am getting through with my first year and realizing I am going to need content during the summer, I will be posting interesting psych related content that I find interesting. I will try to do this on a weekly basis (at the moment).

First off, I will start everyone off with The Cube Test that has gotten popular over the weekend. Below is a video from Buzzfeed that goes through this personality test centered on a cube. Feel free to share your results or pass it on to your friends!

The history of the Cube test comes from Kokology which is the study of kokoro, Japanese for “mind” or “spirit”. The study came about from Japanese professors Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito. Kokology stems from the theories of Freud and Jung.
The Cube is a kokology game that usually uses 2 people: one narrator and one interpreter. The narrator is the one asking the questions (the video, in this case) and the interpreter is the one answering the questions (you). The purpose of this game is to explore the inner psyche and obtain self knowledge…or to judge someone’s personality.

(***SPOILER ALERT***) If anyone wants to know my answers, here they are!

Cube: glass (transparent); on the ground level to my waist/half the length of my body (I’m 5’10”).
Ladder: laying next to cube (not touching it); wood.
Horse: No saddle, reings, etc.; standing still.
Flowers: 4 flowers inside of cube.
Storm: Tiny inside of cube; not worried about it.


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