List of 500 Things I Want (Updated: 7/30/16)

This is a challenge that was issued by Steve Harvey on his show. Just write down a list of 500 Things You Want. It gets hard because, as he says, we are not programmed to think that way and we always assess our current financial situation and apply it to what we want. I would say there is also an element of wanting personal change, which many find scary. I am going to list everything I want from material objects to concepts.

For someone who aspires to make a 6-digit salary just because, I know that I will have a decent list of things that I hope I can attain in the future.

So here is my list! I will be updating it every time I think of something new that I want. New items will be bolded.
(13.2% complete)

  1. Financial stability
  2. A place to call home
  3. A PhD
  4. Or a PharmD
  5. Both
  6. Vacation homes
  7. More video games
  8. A huge flat screen TV
  9. A gaming PC/Laptop
  10. To study/travel abroad
  11. To be naturally nicer
  12. Family
  13. Dog
  14. To graduate already
  15. Nice paying job/career
  16. Happiness
  17. To finish writing a novel
  18. To publish the novel
  19. New phone
  20. To break my bad habits
  21. To make new habits
  22. To give back to my community
  23. Renown
  24. To join a club
  25. Try archery
  26. Try bartending
  27. Try new foods
  28. Try fencing
  29. Try going to the beach
  30. To accept myself
  31. To get over what bothers me
  32. Remember my friends
  33. To go to a good grad school
  34. To live in a safe area
  35. To put my family in a safe area
  36. To reap the benefits of college
  37. A better appearance
  38. Sleep
  39. To get into graduate/professional school
  40. Play sax/become proficient at sax playing
  41. Tarot cards
  42. High Elo in League of Legends (shh don’t judge me)
  43. Jacket collection
  44. 1969 Camaro
  45. 2016 Camaro
  46. Lexus LFA
  47. Tenor sax
  48. Baritone sax
  49. Professional camera
  50. To meet President Obama
  51. A wireless mouse
  52. Invent something
  53. Throw a nice party just because
  54. Compose music
  55. Go to Canada
  56. Pass all my classes
  57. Become a mentor
  58. Become a PLF
  59. Meet at least one celebrity from each of my favorite shows/movies
  60. Live on my own
  61. Become a decent chef/take culinary arts classes
  62. Build a resource center in my town
  63. Get higher than a 3.5 GPA
  64. Get a decent following on Twitch–a popular video game streaming website
  65. Move my family to a better area/home
  66. Travel more often/take trips just because

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