Outlets: Choosing the Right Voice for You

No I do not mean the stores.

What I mean by outlets are modes and mediums of releasing emotions. For me, I took to writing and do it every now and then. I did not choose my outlet, but it chose me. I did choose to develop it and further it to make it better each time. I really hope that my writing reflects my growth as a writer. I use this blog as a means to improve my writing and I hope that this, too, reflects my progress.

Back to outlets.

People take to different outlets. In a way, it’s like their second voice or “the real them”. Some prefer to get vocal and prefer the whole world hear their voice by reciting poetry/spoken word or joining a radio station. They vocalize opinions and let their words carry out their meaning. Others, like me, prefer their voices to be silent but louder than others. We take our voices to paper and computer screens to type out to the world what we are thinking. Of course, there are people that wish that no one hears what they have to say. That is fine, too. Their voices, however silent, are just as valid. We all deserve a way to express ourselves no matter the medium. Everyone has a voice. They just have to find out which one is for them.


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