Tip: Internship and Study Abroad

I cannot express how I feel about internships. I have just received the opportunity to get one for the Fall 2016 school cycle. However, I do not have anything planned for summer at the moment and here is why: I did not plan ahead.

I did not know that in order to apply for internships over summer that the applications would be due sometime in fall or winter. Now that I know, I will work on that in the time to come. Here is my warning to all those that want to do something over summer. (This applies to studying abroad too.)

Plan Ahead

If you want to a do an internship/study abroad in the summer (for example Summer 2017) start looking NOW. If you think that you will not be doing anything over summer and you want to, then look now. Application cycles for summer programs can start as early as Fall school cycle. If the application cycle is not around yet, save it on your calendar and do not forget about it.

If you plan to study abroad right after your freshman year, I suggest you save some money just in case. I will be studying abroad in Summer 2017 and I have already began saving money.

Learn your internships

There are three types of internships:

  1. Paid – you get paid in experience + money
  2. Unpaid/Volunteer – you get paid in experience
  3. For-credit: instead of money, you will earn credits towards your education

The company chooses what internship they offer of course, but sometimes you can ask if they can offer you school credit.

Internships also offer other perks like stipends for housing and/or transportation or flexible hours.

Take this into consideration when planning for something to do this summer!


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