This is a masterpost for all definitions of acronyms and programs that I will constantly write about so no one gets lost trying to find out what I mean. I will add as I go!

Academic Advancement Program (AAP): Program catering to the underprivileged students (minorities, foster youth, low-income, veterans, etc). Offers tutoring called PLF (defined below), workshops, job opportunities,

  • Peer-Learning Facilitators/Facilitation (PLF): Peer-Learning Facilitators run Peer-Learning Facilitation sessions which offer a more engaging form of tutoring. Highly recommended if you are in AAP.

Freshman Summer Program (FSP): Summer program offered by UCLA through AAP. 6 week program either science or writing intensive. Offers math, chem, physics, and various writing classes.

Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF): Scholarship foundation I belong to. Offers $24k-$28k for 4 years. Offers mentoring, opportunities, networking, and support for any needs.

  • Mentoring and Leadership Conference (MLC): Conference held in New York the first week of March each year by the JRF. Gets all scholars together to go to workshops, build connections, and experience cultural events.

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