My Favorite Web Comics

I have found a liking to web comics a while ago. I remember I wanted to do my own in 9th grade which were stick figures going through completely random scenarios. I was going to go through with editing and drawing them into a book, but I lacked the motivation to do it.

However, here are two web comics that I love and for different reasons.

Cyanide and Happiness is by far my favorite web comic. The authors and illustrators have some of the raunchiest strips I have seen (but something tells me this is mild compared to some other comic out there). Like mine, Cyanide and Happiness comics depict completely random and sometimes impossible situations, but they are hilarious.

Heart and Brain is another favorite. The comic depicts a few major organs, muscles, and body parts other than Heart and Brain such as Tongue, Nose, Spleen and Stomach. Usually the comic deals with the logical Brain and emotional Heart going through a situation together. To me, the Heart is a play on the “follow your heart” and “do what your heart desires” since it seems to focus on fun, emotions, and instincts. The Brain tends to be the logical one and often losing to Heart’s desires. Another way to interpret this is to juxtapose Logos (logical appeal) and Pathos (emotional appeal). Some would agree with Heart’s reasoning and other would agree on Brain’s. Overall, the comics could get a little chuckle out of you or cause you question whether you follow your heart or your brain.

I hope you enjoy these webcomics! If I find more, I will definitely add them to the list!




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