Plans for My Second Year

This lazy summer gave me plenty of time to think about what I want to do when I get back to school. I already have one thing lined up, but there is so much more I want to do.

Gladeo League

The Gladeo League is an internship that I recently got. Gladeo focuses on highlighting people and careers. I got a position there as a Scribe: people that pump out their written content for their blog. I challenged myself to take on a new task by starting their first podcast. I have yet to start on it, but I am doing research on podcasting to put out a great pilot!

Gladeo//Gladeo League

ARC – Assessing Residents CI-Care

ARC is a program that gets students and others into Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center to survey patients about their time in the hospital. I also know that they have opportunities to shadow! I just hope that this will be the stepping stone I need to begin my path into the medical field. I do not know if I have the position yet, but I am looking forward to getting it!



MESH is Medical Experience through Service in Healthcare. It is a student-run
organization that aids clinics in their services while allowing MESHstudents to gain experience handling patients, equipment, and tests. I would like to join this club in order to get a more hands-on approach to medicine. I look to see myself gaining as much experience as possible not only so I can have a decent résumé, but also get a feel for the medical field.


Study Abroad

No more do I say: “I want to study abroad” or “I would like to study abroad”. Now I am saying: “I am going to study abroad”.

Who? Me and some friends that I made over the school year!

What? Univ. of CA Education Abroad Program The study abroad program would take care of the Physics 6 series required for life science majors.

When? June 2017.

Where? I had my eyes set on Dublin, Ireland, but after seeing my friends at the UniversityUniversityofSussexBrighton of Sussex in Brighton, England, that’s where I have my eyes set. The cost between the two isn’t that much different, but they offer two different lifestyles. Dublin offers a M-F meal plan and up to 4 roommates. Sussex offers a single private room and requires residents to prepare their own meals. Either route I go, I will experience something completely new (which has been my entire college experience so far).

Why? Why not? Well I have a list of reasons why I want to study abroad.
1) It was suggested to me by literally everyone who did it and wished they did it.
2) I would knock out a year of physics in two months over summer. That means I have a year of classes that I can take during the normal school year and stay on track/get ahead.
3) I will probably not have another chance at studying abroad (or leaving the country) without help and through a program for a while.

How? I will receive help from family, friends, financial aid, scholarships, and my own contributions. I am doing whatever is necessary to make this a reality.

UCEAP//Univ. of Sussex Physics Study Abroad

Move-In Assistant

This is no where as big as the others, but it’s still something that I am doing. If I get accepted to be a MIA, then I will move in a few days earlier that my scheduled time and help residents move in to their dorms. It’s that simple! The benefits: moving in early, 3 meals a day, extra time on campus before it gets hectic.

That should about sum it up! I hope to update you all on more of my ventures soon!


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