Update on Second Year Programs

Move-In Assistant

Despite a tiny scare, I got the MIA position! I will be moving in myself a little earlier than usual in order to help new and returning Bruins during their move-in times. There are a few reasons why I wanted this position. In no way do I consider it to be a big moment in my life. Like Bruin Day, I was glad that I was able to give back and maybe change a few people’s minds about coming to UCLA. As a move-in assistant, I am giving back just a little. I will be guiding new Bruins and families all around The Hill (again). I chose to be an MIA because I will be able to have a lot of free time before and/or after my shift. I can use this time to hang out with friends that I haven’t had the pleasure to since I went back home and some time to catch up on video games that I haven’t played. I may even get a chance to catch up on getting books and course readers for my classes! As much as I would love to give back to UCLA, I am giving back to myself a little more.

(MIA isn’t a permanent position. It’s only for the week of move-in.)

Gladeo on Air

I do have good news! For my internship, I am now a project manager for the first ever “Gladeo on Air Podcast”! This is definitely leaps from what I thought I would do for Gladeo. I thought that I would just be a blogger for them and send in an article every now and then. Now, I am leading interview podcasts for them that will air once a month! I am currently working on writing down notes for the first one so that I can send it in to be edited by a team member. This is all exciting because this is something that is definitely beyond my comfort zone, but so far, it has had a great start!

I am still waiting on ARC to get back to me. If I do that, then I will have a pretty busy second year!


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