Quick Tips: Apologies

I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make you wait for content!

Now some may respond: “Well you did make us wait for content even if you didn’t mean to!”

So let’s try the apology again:
I’m sorry for making you wait on content!

Doesn’t that sound better? I apologized for what I did do and not for what I did not want to do. In many cases, this can make or break an apology. So today’s Quick Tip is:

Apologize for what you DID and not for you DID NOT MEAN TO DO.

So lets look at an issue and an apology.
Scenario: You bump into someone and spill a drink on them.

You: Sorry I did not mean to do that
Them: But you did it
You: But I didn’t mean to
Them: But you did spill something on me
You: But I did not mean to!

This situation cannot go in a positive direction unless the person is passive or understands that it was an accident from the beginning. In many cases, it can leave both parties frustrated which can escalate situations further. Let’s try again:

You: Sorry for bumping into you and spilling your drink..
Them: “This is designer!” or “It’s okay.” or “Can you at least buy me a new drink?”

This way, the person knows you are sorry for bumping into them and spilling the drink. When you mention that it wasn’t “intentional” or that you “didn’t mean to”, it becomes an excuse and MindTools puts it best in this summary of an apology:


Even if you didn’t mean to do it, you did it!


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