MIA and Catching Up with Friends and Myself

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen some of these people! I miss this place more than I thought. Is it the independence, the new friends, new environment? I’d say a combination of all of them, but this is definitely what I needed after my fun-but-eh summer.

So today we had Move-In Assistant training and basically it’s just getting a person’s stuff to their room. Simple. I can pull that off. I just think I need to brush up on my people skills.

Tomorrow is a big day because I will be working 2 shifts and that means double the people, but that allows me to have a Sunday off which isn’t that bad since I have friends planning on coming Sunday anyway.

My dorm is lonely, neither of my roommates are here because it’s not move-in just yet, but having only 3 other people on the floor is somewhat comforting, even though I do not talk to them.

I think I regret getting a classic triple again, because I was hoping that this dorm was the same as the one I was in last year, but it’s not. This one is a wee bit tinier and with all the new stuff I got this year, I wasn’t planning on space being an issue.

And to add onto my misery, I did not get ARC so I will have to find something else to do. (If you do not know what ARC is, there are a few posts before this one that describe it.)

I will add more later since I am meeting with friends soon, but this is a quick update!



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