Sometimes opportunities come knocking at your door, and other times you have to quest to find them.

There have been a few opportunities that have knocked on my door, but when I went to answer it, they left.

Instead of passively letting this game of “Opportunity Ding-Dong-Ditch” continue to play out, I will step out of the door and hunt for them myself. There are a number of opportunities on this campus. There are some that I have never heard of or not even sure exist, but that is not going to stop me from finding them. Going to a university is now the biggest moment of my life and what kind of person would I be to not milk the experience and drain the well dry?

I bring this up because I have a professor that has agreed to write letters of recommendation for me. Not only is she the greatest professor ever, but she has had so many jobs in the medical field that she could be a great influence in my medical/healthcare career! Hopefully with her help, she will be able to give me the push I need to study abroad and find other jobs in healthcare.


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