MESH Decisions…

So today I found out about whether or not I got into MESH but here is how the interview went.

So yesterday, I was walking to where I thought I had my interview but it turns out that it was in another place. I saw the interviewers packing up as I waited for my turn and approached them asking if I was supposed to meet them “here” or at the Student Activities Center. Luckily, I got there when I was supposed to or I would have missed my interview.

On the way there, the interviewers–students like myself–asked me a few questions about my major and where I lived on campus. I felt like this was a good enough time to actually meet them before they were going to interview me.

On the way there, there were two ladies who needed help taking a container down stairs. One of the interviewers had to make a quick stop and the other walked with me down the stairs before asking if the ladies needed help which they did. So I take one end and the interviewer takes the other and we take the container down the stairs. I tell this story because I feel like this was a bit of “brownie points” before the interview even started, but I hoped at that moment that it was going to work.

So I wait while they are setting up in the new room. They call my name and I go in to a nice air-conditioned room where the two interviewers I walked with joined with another interviewer that was straight-faced and quite serious. Then she spoke. She sounded as serious as she looked.

They threw me off a bit. I was asked about my favorite quote and three wishes on top of why I wanted to join the program over others. This was interesting since I was not prepared for this at all, but hey I got in!

First meeting is Tuesday!


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