Something Bigger…

I am sorry for all this talk about MESH, but just two more posts.

MESH and the American Heart Association (AHA)

When I went to MESH’s general meeting last night, I got the same feeling that I did when I went to Jackie Robinson Foundation Mentoring and Leadership Conference. I felt apart of something bigger that could only benefit me in the long-run. Hearing people congratulate me on joining MESH and having the officers of the club remember my name makes me feel great. I am 1 of 20 applicants that got in out of the 150 applications. That is about a 13% acceptance rate. I just feel a great sense of doing something big with MESH and I have this feeling of great expectations for not only myself, but for the people that I will be helping.

Speaking of who I will be helping, let me give you the explanation about the public health project I joined called Project Hearts:

We will be working with the Pico Youth and Family Center to bring AHA’s health programs to the community and the at-risk youth that come through their doors. The Pico Youth and Family Center is located in Santa Monica, CA and services at-risk youth from the age of 14 to 24 y/o. We can talk to them about the heart, inform them of AHA’s “Check. Change. Control.” program, and overall just be there for them with anything they need. All my training will come from the AHA and I will become a Legacy Leader for the “Check. Change. Control.” Program.

Santa Monica is away from UCLA, but there is a bus that we can take to get there, so transportation is not a problem.


MESH has a lot of socials ranging from retreats to dinners to just general get-togethers. We are required to attend at least one social a quarter, but with this group, I doubt that I will miss one!

I am not always the most social person, but there is something about this group (like JRF) that brings something else out of me. When I was at JRF, I felt like I could open up more and be myself. Of course, with me, it takes time to warm up to people (and sometimes it takes time for them to warm up to me), but that won’t stop me from experiencing the most from this new venture!


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