Student Spotlight!

Student Spotlights showcase students and what they do in their free time. Whether it be art, music, writing, or volunteering, these students are worthy of being showcased to show the world that we are not only studying for a brighter future for us, but for everyone we can affect as well.

I will use a specific yet short layout to tell you about their school, major, and what the topic of their spotlight is. And what a better way to start off Student Spotlights than by starting with my own close friend, Jasmine P. (Initially she just told me about what she was doing in a normal conversation, but her story inspired me to start Student Spotlights!)

Name: Jasmine P.
School: University of California – San Diego, Revelle College
Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Year: 2nd/Sophomore
Spotlight: Public Health Officer

Jasmine: “So when I was 17, I was really itching to get hands on experience with underrepresented and/or devastated communities, whether it be through teaching or providing medical services. During that time, Typhoon Yolanda had just hit the Philippines so I somehow convinced my parents to let me go abroad by myself to the devastated villages as what I initially thought would be a Public Health Officer to being that and a midwife AND a special education teacher assistant (mostly was around the deaf children). So on top of providing free public health services to the people (handing out basic hygiene products, giving hair cuts, giving physicals, etc.), I also helped deliver babies and help the local K-12 schools with their special education kids.”

To sum it up the best way according to her: “it’s life changing.”

Remember, Jasmine was 17 when she embarked on her trip to the Philippines and stayed for a month. She went to get experience in providing medical services to communities torn by under-representation and devastation, but she gained so much more. Not only was she setting up a platform for her future, she was impacting a community in any way she could. Some people are just born to take on the jobs others cannot do and Jasmine is one of those people. As mentioned above, Jasmine studies Biochemistry and Cell Biology. After finishing school, she plans on going to medical school in order to become an anesthesiologist.


Thank you for reading the first Student Spotlight and about Jasmine! I hope I can keep these going! There are so many people that I know studying in so many fields and they each deserve their time in the spotlight!

(To any of my friends that read my blog, please message me and we can work on a student spotlight for you! You all do amazing activities!)


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