Mid-Quarter Update

In the mid-quarter update, I will hit a few talking points so bare with me! (And I know I said Friday so I apologize)

Pre-Pharmacy Society @ UCLA

I joined the Pre-Pharm Society! I feel this is just as big as joining MESH because it is another stepping stone for my future!

Through PPS, I can get one-on-one discussions with pharmacy students from USC and representatives from pharmacy schools and programs. Through them, I can apply for a pharmacy technician license to work in a pharmacy, study for the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) and just get a general sense of what pharmacy could look like in the future. I also joined a “family”—a smaller group within PPS to get a better connection with members—that could be my future colleagues in pharmacy! #RxRated

MESH, the American Heart Association, and Taste of Soul Festival

I had my first social for MESH and it was great! I got a chance to connect with more members and got to eat great food at The Boiling Crab here in Westwood! I loved spending time with them and felt like they all got to know me better as well! With the two new clubs I joined, there are a lot of people that I have to remember, but I will get them all down

Through MESH and Project Hearts, I have the opportunity to volunteer for the American Heart Association for any events they host or attend. Last week was the Taste of Soul Festival in LA (my community). At this festival, vendors and sponsors alike come out to the community to sell wares, food, and flyer for the community; however, the food sold there plays a major role in heart disease and high blood pressure/hypertension. As a volunteer for the AHA, I was rallying people to sign a petition to increase tax on sugar-sweetened beverages to aid in reducing the causes of diabetes and obesity. I would have loved to do hypertension testing, but at the time I was not certified. Now that I am, I can have a more active role as a Legacy Leader and can go out to my own community and warn them of the dangers of consuming too much of the food we love to eat.

Besides walking around to find signatures, I ran into some friends from all times in my life as we celebrated the community coming together! It was my director and co-member’s first time and we enjoyed walking around and seeing all the (expensive) food. At the end of the day, I treated them to dorm food that they have been missing out on for some time.


Econ: I thought Econ midterm was too easy, but I got a B by missing 5 questions. Maybe I should have slowed down, but when I went to check over my work, it seemed alright. I just have to do better on the next one!

Chem: This midterm threw everyone off. Not many people were expecting what he gave us, but we did it either way. The average—probably to his dismay—was a 56.5 and the highest an 86 (out of 100). Luckily, like many classes in South Campus (math and science area on campus) the test was curved to a 76. That made my score even out to about a C, but without a doubt I know that if he went on a raw score I failed. I don’t know what I could improve on, but when the next midterm comes around, I will be prepared.

History: I have yet to take the history midterm, but I am afraid of what could be on the test because there is so much information to remember.

Overall, I am feeling a little less than hopeful that this quarter is going to boost my GPA. I feel confident that I will get at least a B in each class, but I was shooting for an A in the two non-science classes. I will get there. I just have to crack down a bit harder!

Until next time!


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