Applications, Clubs and Escape Rooms..?

I think enough has happened for me to go ahead and create a blog post about what has happened recently and upcoming events. I have also started linking websites to almost everything so you can do your own searching beyond what I tell you!

Resident Assistant Applications

So I have decided to apply to be a Resident Assistant (RA) for the 2017-2018 school year! With help from my RA’s, ex-RA, and RA friends, I have no doubt that I will have an acceptable application and kill the interview processes. I have heard from people that I would make a great RA and I already have a friend (who is already an RA) say that she is willing to be my co-RA so I can have an experienced RA and friend on staff! Here is an overview of why I would like to be an RA:

  • I know a lot of people and resources on campus and always willing to share them with others.
  • As a minority on campus coming from low socioeconomic status, I can assess residents with those issues that some may not have experience with.
  • I am now an active member in the UCLA community; especially the pre-health community.
  • I’d say that I am overall a swell guy!

So I cannot wait for this process to be over! Before I turn in my app, I will be running across all the RA friends that I have so I can stand out and join their ranks next year.


Quick recap:
MESH = Medical Experience through Service in Healthcare
PPS = Pre-Pharmacy Society

MESH and PPS are the two clubs that I joined on campus and they are both great. MESH has a great family setting and I already feel so close to many members including the officers. I have already established a great connection with my director and I am hoping that I continue to stay in contact with him when he graduates. Soon, I will find out who my mentor is and I cannot wait! Also, we have the winter retreat coming up next year and that’s going to be my first!

PPS has been great too! Until I joined PPS, I told everyone: “I’m pre-pharmacy” and left it at that. PPS has given me the knowledge of the true weight of what it means to be pre-pharm. Let’s just say that I was taking the title way too lightly. If anyone has read my last post, getting a pharmacy technician license can be such a hassle and somewhat time consuming, but that is what I signed up for. PPS is opening my eyes to what my future could look like!

Halloween Fun!

On Sunday, Oct 30th (also my sister’s birthday! She’s 15 now yay!), I went to an escape room with my friends in Westwood. Escape rooms are rooms that have puzzles and tasks that you must complete in an hour to escape the room. Each one has a lore behind it and they each have certain elements to it. The one I did was called “The Lair of the Occult” which dealt with magic and witchcraft.

At first I thought it was going to be scary, but it was more fun than anything! Unfortunately, we did not finish the escape room in time and failed, but it is definitely worth another go!

Here is their website.

And here at college, Halloween starts days before Halloween. By the time Halloween came around, we forgot that it was ACTUALLY Halloween.



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